Welcome to our community!!!  

Our mission:  To contribute to the health, well-being, empowerment and self -determination of under-served populations in the great Long Beach community, by providing affordable, nutritious, organic foods and eventually other goods and services, accessible to all, through a locally-oriented, collectively-managed, not-for-profit workers’ cooperative. Our intention is for this to be a platform for building mutually-beneficial community connections and to decrease dependency on the current corporate-owned structure.                                                                                                                                                We are a produce delivery service, similar to an ice cream truck, with a specific and dependable route so that our clients know when to expect us and where.  We are choosing to use the California Cooperative business model.

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<MONDAYS-FRIDAYS we pick up local produce (or some of it is dropped off).   Call 562 673 1798 if you have produce, hygiene products or clothing to contribute.

Every Wednesday we will be providing food, hygiene products, etc at Recreation Park near the stage from 2:30-4:30 for students and others in need.

This will not happen during the holiday week but we have a couple of turkeys if you need something, email us.


Grace Park 9:30-11,  Drake Park by Bembridge House 11:30-12:45

MLK park 1-2:30, Cesar Chavez park 3-4:30?


SUNDAY 12/16

City Park – drop off but don’t unpack, 9:30

Silverado Park 10-12

Mac Arthur Park 12-2

2nd shift meet at MacArthur Park at 1, Bixby park 2:30-4:30 



You can email us at lbcommunitytable@gmail.com or call us at 562 548-0774 to let us know how you might be able to participate, either by receiving food or with donations of produce, financial or other resources.   We are also accepting donations of clothing (ie. new socks, shoes), hygiene and sanitary products.  We look forward to connecting with you or your organization.